Safe Editor

The Istarel Workshop Application Framework is built around the concept of workflows, and there are a number of typical workflows that are part of the framework. A very commonly used one is the EditorWorkflow, which consists of four states (ListState, EditState, SaveState, DeleteState) and transitions among those states.

Adding better constructor support to simpletest

I am no fan of PHPUnit. I find it very cumbersome to use, and bloated. But it has one big advantage over simpletest: It does not destroy your constructors when you mock objects.

Using Font Squirrel with the Istarel Workshop Framework

There are many font services out there, but with the advent of embedded fonts on the web, I have slowly moved away from services like TypeKit and instead turned to FontSquirrel. The font selection is excellent, and my primary graphic design and branding partner Rhyme and Reason use it as well. Frequently, they provide me with Photoshop files to use as a design guide for web applications that I am building.