Using Font Squirrel with the Istarel Workshop Framework

There are many font services out there, but with the advent of embedded fonts on the web, I have slowly moved away from services like TypeKit and instead turned to FontSquirrel. The font selection is excellent, and my primary graphic design and branding partner Rhyme and Reason use it as well. Frequently, they provide me with Photoshop files to use as a design guide for web applications that I am building.

Image-Free Apache Access Log

Apache logs can get very large very fast. Even with a relatively limited user base, the access log becomes unwieldy. Fortunately, you can easily filter what goes into the log. For example, it is seldom useful to have image or javascript requests in the log.

Deleting Lines Containing Text in vi

One of the more tedious aspects of development is debugging. Apache logs often provide a lot of useful information about things that have gone wrong, some related to code, some not (honestly, script kiddies, quit trying to access phpmyadmin).