Unix Host Name

After A2 Hosting managed to annihilate a virtual server due to some cloud server problems, I was in the position of rebuilding that server. I did not like the name showing in the bash prompt, though.

Image-Free Apache Access Log

Apache logs can get very large very fast. Even with a relatively limited user base, the access log becomes unwieldy. Fortunately, you can easily filter what goes into the log. For example, it is seldom useful to have image or javascript requests in the log.

Strange PHP Path Glitch After 10.8.5 Update

I had an odd problem after updating to OS X 10.8.5. Namely, the system seemed to have forgotten which PHP to use (in my case, I want the MacPorts version to be the default. I checked all the usual suspects like /etc/paths and ~/.bash_profile to see if the update had reset their contents. Nope.