Retrieving the Minimum Model Object Data

Having used the Istarel Workshop Application Framework for quite some time, you know that it has some nifty callbacks and hooks to make your life as a developer easier.

Dynamic Object Properties in Edit Mode

When working with model objects in the Istarel Workshop application framework, you inevitably want to display some data related to (but not intrinsic to) the object. For example, in an editor, you might want to display a calculated result. Now, you can certainly have an IWDivElement as the element in an IWFormElement (or similar object), but sometimes you want to display the information like an ordinary input element that represents a property on the model object.

Strange PHP Path Glitch After 10.8.5 Update

I had an odd problem after updating to OS X 10.8.5. Namely, the system seemed to have forgotten which PHP to use (in my case, I want the MacPorts version to be the default. I checked all the usual suspects like /etc/paths and ~/.bash_profile to see if the update had reset their contents. Nope.