Installing Ltree and PostGIS with PostgreSQL 9.2

It has been a while since I upgraded the key components of my application stack. This decision was driven by a desire to use PostGIS is a current project, and it appears that MacPorts has designed the latest version of PostGIS to work with PostgreSQL 9.2.

SEO-friendly URLs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a discipline that helps web sites stand out to internet search engines. Making a web site friendly to search engines involves favoring text over images, identifying important keywords of interest in searches, and using heading tags to emphasize key features of individual pages. One aspect that can implemented in the Istarel Workshop Application Framework (IWAF) is SEO-friendly URLs.

Application Security: Model Object

The AppUserFactory model object plays a simple but crucial role in application security: the ApplicationSecurityDelegate passes credentials from the Login form to the AppUserFactory to retrieve the associated user record. If such retrieval is impossible, then the AppUserFactory returns nothing. If successful, an AppUser object is returned.